Gluten Free Dallas: Story of a Celiac Disease Sufferer

gluten free dallasGluten free Dallas is made possible thanks to the restaurants that are consistently exerting efforts to serve even gluten intolerant gourmands.  This post gives you a peek of a life of a Celiac disease sufferer who lives in Dallas.

Gluten Free Dallas: Story of a Sufferer

When I discovered that I am allergic to wheat, my world crumbled.  I mean, almost anything has wheat in it, right?  This means that my dining choices will become limited and I am no longer entitled to enjoy meals with friends and loved ones.

You might think that this may be an overreaction but it actually is not.  I would have to do an overhaul of my eating habits and toss anything with gluten in it.  How depressing can that be?

Fortunately, I found a host of places that are friendly to my tummy.  Good thing is that number of those establishments is slowly increasing as time passes.  Our place is indeed worthy to be called gluten free Dallas after all.

There are pizzas, pasta, pancakes, and even fried chicken for those with similar problems as I have.  One tip for you my friend:  always ask a restaurant if they have a separate zone for preparing their gluten free food or suffer allergies later.


Gluten Free Dallas: Question and Answer


1. What tip can you give to those who are going through the same thing as you?  Any advice for the celiacs?

Don’t be discouraged about the diagnosis.  People usually focus all their energies on things that they can’t have or get.  Instead, look to the other side of the fence and think about what you can have or do.

You can research about recipes that you can cook or bake on your own.  The internet is abounding with great resources.  There are social media accounts, support groups, and more for this purpose.

Read up and continue what you need to learn about celiac disease and gluten intolerance.  Don’t just sit there.  Do something that can help you.


2. Why is removing gluten good for them?

Gluten sensitive foodies will notice big changes in their tummies.  They will be able to get rid of gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, diarrhea, and more.  it only takes a day or so.


3. Will non-celiacs benefit from a gluten free diet?

Have yourself tested to know if you have this type of food allergy.  Celiac disease sufferer should not consume gluten while those who are just sensitive may consume a bit once in a while.

The non-celiacs, on the other hand, should think twice before going on a gluten free diet.  The reason is that there are health risks involved if you strip gluten from your diet.  You can read about them in our post here.

In addition to that, label reading may be time consuming for you.  So if you are tolerant to gluten, consume them.

Gluten free Dallas is a believable term as there are places where you can eat without having to fear for your life.  All you need to do is browse the rest of the pages in this site to see samples of recommended restaurants that offer gluten free choices.  So what are you waiting for?