After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you might wonder and ask yourself how to be gluten free.  How do you start to live this kind of lifestyle?  This lifestyle change is a very vital step in your life that you need to commit to.  If you are still clueless on what to do, let this guide help you.


How To Be Gluten Free: Beginning the Change

Here are things that you can do to successfully cope with Celiac Disease:

1. Look for groups that support those who are suffering from Celiac disease.  You can ask to join the group so you have people whom you can relate to.  These people will help you adapt and get used to the changes in your life.

2. Learn to manage your food consumption.  You can do the following:

  • Start buying unprocessed foods, fruits, vegetables, and unmarinated meat.  By the way, gluten free products are more expensive.
  • Plan your meals prior to going to the grocery store to avoid frustration during your grocery shopping.  It is better if you plan gluten free meal for the entire family rather than cooking for one as this will lessen the burden or meal planning and preparation.
  • Create a food diary and note down everything that you eat including the ingredients or brands.  This way, you will be able to distinguish which triggers reactions.
  • Raid your fridge and pantry and part with your gluten-laden food.  If you want, you can store them in a different cabinet so that other family members who are gluten tolerant can still eat them when they come over.
  • Begin cooking easy meals.  you can try one recipe per week for a variety of choices.
  • Be wary of the products that you buy and read the labels.  There is a separate post in this site that will help you learn about the names that manufacturers use in their ingredient list.  This also applies to cosmetics, medications, supplements, and other things.
  • Unfortunately, you will make mistakes on your journey on how to be gluten free.  Therefore, it is important to go back to your food diary from time to time as gluten is hidden in different goods.

3.  Learn how to wait.  Delay milk consumption until about 4 months.  Celiac sufferers may development lactose intolerance temporarily.  Good thing, this will be over in a few months time and you can freely enjoy milk after.

There will be other sensitivities that will arise.  Soy allergy is common among the celiacs.  In addition to that, fat cannot be easily digested by the gut.

4.  Equip yourself with the right tools.  Don’t be afraid to purchase gluten-free cookbooks.  Make it a collection so you can have a variety of meals to prepare.

Investigate and never hesitate to call manufacturers about their products.  It is better to ask a lot of questions today than be sorry later.  Ask if the product contains wheat, barley, oats, rye, or any derivatives instead of asking if the product is gluten free.


How To Be Gluten Free: In a Nutshell

Learning how to be gluten free is not as easy as it seems.  It does not just involve eliminating gluten from your lifestyle but also totally overhauling your life.  This learning process does not stop as more and more products surface the market.

You will need to constantly research to equip yourself with the best tool there is – knowledge.  So the next time someone asks how to be gluten free, you will be able to extend your help.  Good luck from your Gluten Free Dallas family! You can do it!

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