Those who are diagnosed with celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten will want to take advantage of the limited gluten free products in the market.  However, finding such products can be dizzying, overwhelming, and confusing all at the same time.

Imagine having to look for stickers or gluten free signs of every product you come across and you might wish that you were never diagnosed with that disease.  Additionally, gluten free products are more expensive than the gluten-laden counterparts so others will hesitate to buy those products.

Don’t worry.  you don’t need to break the bank to be able to buy gluten free products.  This Gluten Free Dallas post will give you buying tips that you can take advantage of to minimize cost and make grocery shopping easier.

Gluten Free Products: How To Buy

1. Take a blood test to make sure that you really need gluten free products.  Consuming and using those products are all the rage today because they are deemed as healthy.  For this reason, many are jumping on the bandwagon to experience this “trend”.

It does not mean that you should too as there are risks involved for those who do not need to live this kind of lifestyle.  Again, have yourself tested to make sure that you need this kind of lifestyle change.

2. Products that do not contain gluten are pricier than those who do have them.  Therefore, we advice that you avoid putting the whole family on a gluten free diet if only one or two people need them.

3. Concentrate on food that never had and will never have gluten in them.  Example?  That’s easy!  Meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, dairy products, and nuts don’t have gluten in them.  This way, label scrutinizing and sticker searching will be lessened for you.  You get to save your time as well.

4. Make use of coupons.  If you know where to look, you can find a site that gives away coupons so you can spend less or get discounts for gluten free products.  Need I explain this further?

5. Bulk purchasing is the best way to go.  Bulk bin items are best if you want to try out the product before permanently binding yourself to that particular product.  go to health food stores to try bulk buying.

6. Buy online.  If you just don’t have the time to go from aisle to aisle or if you don’t like bulk buying, you can order gluten free-products at Amazon.  The great thing about this is that you get to compare products or shops with less time.  You can snag the best deals too if you are quick.

7. Make your own baking mixes.  Yes, you can do that instead of purchasing expensive pre-mixed gluten-free baking mixes.  Believe me, there are tons of tutorials online for this purpose.

8. Beware of added sugar, sodium, and fat in products without gluten.  This is intentionally done by the manufacturers to compensate for the taste.  The processed ones are commonly known for those extras so watch out for them.

Do you have your own buying guide for gluten free products?  Do share!

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